Wednesday, February 06, 2013

From Darkness Into Light

Despite my good intentions, the blog posts are still infrequent.  January was taken up with prepping for our mission trip to New Zealand, and then the trip itself.  It was wonderful!  We saw beautiful sights and met wonderful people.  We also were privileged to participate in some really cool ministry.  My mind and heart is still processing all that.  Perhaps I'll get to share it with you over the next days and weeks.

We are in the fledgling stages of a video ministry in our church.  One of our men, Earl Spires, is gifted in technology.  He is leading our teens in video recording our Sunday morning services.  Later, he edits it and adds power point to it.  I'm sharing the first one here with you.

To be honest, this is a little scary for me.  I've often remarked that my appearance is best suited for radio.  This video confirms the truth of it!

I hope Sunday's message will be a blessing and a help for you.

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